2024+ Hyundai Elantra Front and Rear Emblem Pre-Cut Overlay

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Color: Gloss Black

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2024+ Hyundai Elantra Front and Rear Emblem Pre-Cut Overlay

2024+ Hyundai Elantra Front and Rear Emblem Pre-Cut Overlay


2024+ Hyundai Elantra Front and Rear Emblem Pre-Cut Overlay

Color: Gloss Black

Transform your Hyundai Elantra with the 2024+ Front and Rear Emblem Pre-Cut Overlay! Rid yourself of the standard silver and replace it with a customized color of your choice. Personalize and elevate your car to your vision with ease!

  • Fitment: For 2024+ Hyundai Elantra H Logo Overlay
  • High Quality Material: Can withstand all kinds of weather (5 - 7 Year Durability)
  • Offered in many colors
  • Easy Application, Peel and Stick.
  • Comes in Pair (Front and Rear Emblem Overlay)
  • H Logo overlay featured in Picture is GLOSS BLACK

How to Install

For Best Results

Tools: Heat Gun or Blow Dyer / Padded Glove or Felt Tip Squeegee

  1. Rinse / Soap your Hyundai Emblem to get rid of debris before application
  2. Peel off the H Logo.
  3. Each H Logo is made slightly larger so it will wrap around the edges of the emblem.
  4. Align the emblem to where you would like the H to line up, lay the flat pieces onto the flat portion of the emblem and smooth it out prior to removing the transfer tape.
  5. Make sure the flat surfaces of the emblem are covered with extra 'slack' (meaning extra vinyl over each edge).
  6. Once laid you can use your finger to push down the excess and wrap it over the edges. It is best to heat up the overlay so the edges that are not fully adhered yet become more flexible due to the heat.
  7. Make sure you have a padded card or soft glove to put on your fingers, because once you lay it on the logo you would need to squeegee it on or use your fingers to push it into the crevices around and inside the H hyundai emblem.
  8. Swipe left and right gradually to reduce bubbles
  9. If you have a blow dryer or heat gun, use it to get rid of any tiny bubbles and improve adhesion
  10. If there are bubbles make sure you press firmly with your finger and swipe it toward the closest edge
  11. If you mess up, you can peel it off right away, but slowly, then add some heat to get rid of the wrinkles.
  12. For the Best application, use water underneath and squeegee out the water once the desired placement is met. (This Method only works if the backing has Oracle on it)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Fast delivery and great product!

Richard S.
Looks good

Finally figured it out .once I did .it took to emblem well

Stephen H.

Definitely fits the 2024 elantra. Fits perfect and looks awesome. Definitely will buy more stuff from them if they become available.

2022 Elantra N

For anyone like me wondering it does not fit the 2022 elantra n

Bob T.
Great customer service

Beautiful product
and great customer service!